Criminal and Traffic Law

Our firm has had considerable experience in the criminal and traffic law field.  Our lawyers can appear in Court on your behalf for all matters from sentencing, defended hearing, jury trials, and appeals.

If you've been charged with a criminal or traffic offence, or are facing criminal or traffic charges, we can

  • advise on whether you need to make a police statement,
  • attend police interviews,
  • arrange and apply for name suppression,
  • arrange bail and any associated appeals.

We'll explain to you clearly what's happening and make sure you understand the legal process.

Lost your licence?

Most people rely on their having a driver’s licence to get them to and from work or to enable them to pick up the kids and get the basic essentials of life done.

You may require your licence as you are a driver or builder as a fundamental part of your work and life.

When you lose your licence through demerit points or conviction for traffic offences it can be devastating on you, your family and your job.

Contact Joseph Griffiths for a no-obligation consultation to see if you may be eligible to apply for a limited licence or work licence. This involves an application to your local District Court and appearing at Court to have your limited licence or work licence approved.

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