Main Street Legal's lawyers can advise you on a number of aspects of New Zealand law, such as...

ACC Law has practically come into its own as as separate branch of the law.

It provides for ways in which claimants, who may have had an accident and been turned down by ACC for cover for their injuries can have those decisions reviewed by a reviewing officer and by appeal to the District Court.

Main Street Legal does quite a bit of work helping claimants through ACC legislation. We have even taken cases to the High Court and Court of Appeal on ACC matters.

Our staff are able to assist with the following Appeals & Reviews

  • Civil, family and criminal appeals to the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court
  • Judicial Reviews to the High Court (including Criminal and Extradition proceedings)
  • Appeals against Tenancy Tribunal decisions
  • Appeals against Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court decisions
  • Environment Court
  • Human Rights Tribunal
  • Legal Aid Tribunal
  • Social Security Appeal Authority
  • Immigration and Protection Tribunal (including deportation orders, deportation liability, character and medical waivers, special directions, s 61 applications, and reconsiderations)

Looking to set up in business? We can advise you on the sale and purchase of businesses, commercial finance and lending, company incorporation and other business structures, as well as franchising and leasing. We are experts in business and corporate law. 

Civil law disputes are generally the cases in court that are not about breaking a criminal law. For example, disputes over business contracts or debts, or disputes between neighbours. Civil law can also cover disputes between individuals, companies and sometimes local or central government.

Civil cases are started by an individual or an organisation to help settle a dispute and cases are generally settled when one party pays compensation or takes some other suitable action, such as correcting their business practice.

(from the Civil Justice website)

What are your rights as a consumer? If you buy something from a shop and it breaks. Can you go back to the shop and demand my money back? Am I entitled to a replacement? And what about credit? If I buy something on hire-purchase and miss a payment, what are my rights there? Can the finance company really take my fridge back?

Consumer Law is an area that is all to do with the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act and covers everything consumer related, including door to door sales. 

Our firm has had considerable experience in the criminal and traffic law field.  Our lawyers can appear in Court on your behalf for all matters from sentencing, defended hearing, jury trials, and appeals.

If you've been charged with a criminal or traffic offence, or are facing criminal or traffic charges, we can

  • advise on whether you need to make a police statement,
  • attend police interviews,
  • arrange and apply for name suppression,
  • arrange bail and any associated appeals.

We'll explain to you clearly what's happening and make sure you understand the legal process.

Lost your licence?

Most people rely on their having a driver’s licence to get them to and from work or to enable them to pick up the kids and get the basic essentials of life done.

You may require your licence as you are a driver or builder as a fundamental part of your work and life.

When you lose your licence through demerit points or conviction for traffic offences it can be devastating on you, your family and your job.

Contact Joseph Griffiths for a no-obligation consultation to see if you may be eligible to apply for a limited licence or work licence. This involves an application to your local District Court and appearing at Court to have your limited licence or work licence approved.

Education Law covers anything to do with schools, and secondary schools in particular, where a number of issues such as explulsion and suspension of students may arise.

Often, parents whose children are facing expulsion or suspension are interested in legal advice regarding their legal options. We can certainly help you there.

Conversely, a school's Board of Trustees may need legal advice regarding their rights and options when dealing with students. In this respect John Gwilliam has had significant experience as both a Chair and member of school Boards of Trustees, both in the primary sector and the secondary sector.

Whether you're an employer or employee, we can advise on

  • negotiation and drafting of employment agreements,
  • disciplinary and dismissal processes,
  • contractual disputes and
  • personal grievances.

We can help and advise you on the employment laws regarding unfair dismissals, discrimination in the workplace and redundancy.

Environmental Law is about the New Zealand Resource Management Act.

We can assist developers or people who may object to a building receiving resource consent through council for the effect it may have on the environment. As an former Upper Hutt City councillor, John Gwilliam has had plenty of hands-on experience with the RMA processes.

Environmental law also covers breaches of the Resource Management Act where people may be taken to court over some contamination or spillage, for example. We can advise on any of these aspects of Environmental Law.

When you want to secure the future of your spouse or family, it's important to have a well-drafted will.

However, don't leave the opportunity until it's too late: when you pass away, it can happen at any age. We can help create some peace of mind for you by advising on Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney and the creation of Trusts.

Main Street Legal has proven expertise in successfully challenging wills and in Family Protection Act Claims. If you believe you have been left out of a will or that others have unfairly benefited from a will we can advise you on challenging the estate or challenging a will to rectify these distressing circumstances.

We can also assist where loved ones have died without completing a will or their affairs and help you navigate through the complex law surrounding these issues.

We are experts in Family Law and will provide you with sensible solutions, and even help in negotiation between parties. 

If you and your partner have separated or are considering a separation, or if there is a house or property to be split between you, or child custody or support to consider, we can help advise you on the best course of action. John Gwilliam has also had over 25 years experience as Lawyer for Child appointed by the Family Court.

If you're wanting to

  • sell,
  • transfer,
  • purchase or
  • lease residential or commercial property,
  • subdivide property
  • move into a retirement village... or just want to have some
  • general property advice,

our Upper Hutt team of lawyers will work with you to provide you with accurate legal advice and find the best possible solution.

Traffic law and legislation covers quite a few things such as give way rules, alcohol limits, street racing, drugged-driving, parking fines, moving offenses and the use of mobile phones when driving.

We can help and advise you on any of these subjects.

Youth law covers several areas. At its simplest, young people can get in trouble with the police and, if under 18, need to appear in a special Youth Court.

John Gwilliam is a Youth Advocate, and paid by the State to represent young people in court. Youth Law overlaps in some ways with Education Law.